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Always have a spare car key

We are still amazed by how many car owners are relying on just one key for their car. It should be paramount that all car owners have at least two full working keys for each car you own. The cost for a spare key is only a few hundred dollars and is surely a great investment. If you happen to lose your only working key for the car it becomes a much more complicated procedure which involves resetting the cars ECU to allow new keys to be introduced to start the car. This cost can vary greatly between the type of car you own but it can cost you around $500-2000 if you lose all your keys. To avoid this costly exercise I urge all car owners to invest in a spare key before its too late. If you already have a working key for the car it is much easier and much cheaper to provide new keys. We can also offer great quality heavy duty aftermarket keys which lost longer than original keys. Protect yourself now and get your spare key today.