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Mercedes EIS/EZS Ignition and ESL Steering Lock Repairs

We are happy to announce that we can now provide Mercedes EIS/EZS ignition switch repairs and also ESL steering lock repairs. These are very technical parts and all different models have a different assembly which may cause a fault. We can offer a Mercedes Ignition switch repair service for most models which commonly fail causing key to not turn in ignition or several electronic systems to stop functioning. We can repair around 95% of EIS’S and offer a 1 year warranty. The ESL steering locks in most cases we can provide a full rebuild service with a 1 year warranty. If you notice any noises or any issues with the car starting or the dash lights not coming on you need to get this inspected quickly. If you wait to long to repair these issues and the ESL steering lock jambs up you will get stuck and wont be able to move or drive your car. Also once the ESL gets stuck, it takes twice as long to remove the part as the steering column sometimes needs to be removed to access it.

Common Symptoms for Faulty EIS/EZS Ignition switch – Won’t crank over, Won’t start, Key turns but won’t start, No dash lights

Common Symptoms for Faulty ESL Steering lock – Key won’t turn in the ignition, Clicking noise when inserting key in ignition, Won’t start