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Car Key Replacement Sunshine Coast

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Have you lost car keys sunshine coast? Our range includes Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW, European, Asian, American and Australian Vehicles. If you are looking for car key replacement sunshine coast give us a call. Our automotive locksmith can assist you same day. Besides being local residents, our locksmith has over 20 years experience with immobilizer technology.

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Car Key Replacement Sunshine Coast Services

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  • EEPROM Advanced soldering and MCU circuit board reading
  • Mercedes EIS/EZS Ignition and ESL Steering lock repairs
  • VW, Audi Specialized Interstate Training Seminars
  • Mercedes and BMW Programming Procedures
  • JAWS Automotive Locksmith Sunshine Coast Workshops
  • IMMOTECH Interstate Immobilizer Seminars
Fully Trained Technicians

Majority of people assume all locksmiths do cars keys, this is not true. Only certain locksmiths do cars keys and even some of these only do basic model cars that require very little skill. This can cause problems. When untrained and unskilled people are not familiar with the technology, serious problems can occur. In some cases, it has erased the whole memory of the cars computer. All our locksmith sunshine coast technicians are fully trained, they have all attended immobilizer specific training seminars. As such, we can offer the customer full confidence in our expertise with car keys and lost car keys sunshine coast

Automotive Locksmith Sunshine Coast Services


Modern electronic car keys are very important. If you have lost your last working key it can cost up to $5000 for a full replacement of the cars immobilizer system. Thus having a spare key can become very valuable. There are little tiny immobilizer chips built into your plastic key. This chip needs to be programmed to your cars computer to let the car start. If you dont have any existing keys left some cars require the immobilizer unit to be replaced. Our automotive locksmith sunshine coast can supply new car keys.


We can provide new keys for most cars without having to replace anything. In this case all you need to do is call our Automotive Locksmith sunshine coast specialist. Besides our same day service, we will be able to get you moving again fast and prompt.


If your experiencing any difficulties with your ignition you should contact our automotive locksmith specialist. We can remove the ignition and repair it to get your key working smoothly again.


Door 2 Door Locksmith and Security carry plenty of high quality specialist car key machines. Some of our machines copy your existing key data and transfer it onto a new key. Other machines we carry can program new keys directly into the cars computer via OBD diagnostic functions. As such, we can offer all types of car key replacement sunshine coast.

What our clients say about Car Key Replacement Sunshine Coast

After a big nite out with my friends I lost my car key for my Barina Spark 2010. I spoke with Steve and he told me this model had to be programmed using original keys. Something to do with the cars computer thing. I was just happy to find out that he could do the car and I didn’t have to get it towed to the dealer. Steve was able to get an original key and came out same day to program it to car. Very happy with the service.

Kristyn Meaks

My run around work van Iveco Daily was having key problems with the ignition. I purchased some ignitions on ebay and tried to swap them over. Unfortunately the new keys did not start my van. I spoke with Steve and he said that the immobilizer chips from the old key need to match the new keys. I had given up and got Steve to come out and fix it up for me. In the end I got a brand new ignition barrel with new keys and now the immobilizer chips match the car so it all works again. Great talking with someone who knows what to do. Would recommend your services.

Shaun Cowles

Lost my keys for my Ford Ranger. I googled and found Door 2 Door Locksmith and Security and spoke with Steve. He had no problems coming out to open the car, cut a new key and program it to make the car start. It was cool to watch him make a key from the door lock without removing it. Looked like something from a movie. Happy I got my keys, Thanks for the speedy service.

Jake Whithall

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