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Are you looking for car keys Noosa. We can do all makes and models incl Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW, European, Asian, American and Australian Vehicles. Our automotive locksmith Noosa will help you out whatever the situation is. Being local residents, you can come to trust our Noosa locksmith and the 20 years experience with immobilizer technology.

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Door 2 Door Locksmith & Security for all your Locksmith Noosa Car Keys?

  • EEPROM Advanced soldering and MCU circuit board reading
  • Mercedes EIS/EZS Ignition and ESL Steering lock repairs
  • VW, Audi Specialized Interstate Training Seminars
  • Mercedes and BMW Programming Procedures
  • JAWS Automotive Locksmith Sunshine Coast Workshops
  • IMMOTECH Interstate Immobilizer Seminars
Fully Trained Technicians

Majority of people assume all locksmiths do cars keys, this is not true. Only certain locksmiths do cars keys and even some of these only do basic model cars that require very little skill. This can cause problems. When untrained and unskilled people are not familiar with the technology, serious problems can occur. In some cases, it has erased the whole memory of the cars computer. All our locksmith sunshine coast technicians are fully trained, they have all attended immobilizer specific training seminars. As such, we can offer the customer full confidence in our expertise with car keys sunshine coast

Automotive Locksmith Noosa Services


To begin with, are you aware about the little immobilizer chips built into the plastic part of the car key. As a result if you lose your only key it can cost a lot of money to supply and program a new key. Noosa locksmith can supply new spare keys. Likewise, a replacement could cost you $500-$5000 if you lose your last working key.


First thing to do is dont panic. In this case all you need to do is call an Automotive Locksmith Noosa specialist. Besides their friendly service, they will be able to help get you moving again. Therefore there is no need to get the car towed which can save you money.


Generally around 80% of all ignition problems are due to using a worn out or badly cut key. At the first signs of ignition troubles you should contact a Noosa locksmith specialist. If it is just a key problem they can decode your old key and cut a new key to original factory requirements on a dedicated cnc machine. By the way, do not get a key copied off your worn key. This will not fix your issue and you will be paying for a new key that is also worn. Hence, the new key must be cut to a code on a specialist machine to specific requirements.


Locksmith Noosa have a range of specialist machines and diagnostic tools to cut and program keys to your cars computer. Also, we carry everything you need to get you back on the road quickly. As an example, we have battery booster packs incase your battery has gone flat. Furthermore we carry several onboard key programming machines and have a good range of stock.

Noosa Locksmith Services


Are your doors only using standard locks or single entry locks. These locks can be quite vulnerable to forced attacks and mite not be as safe as you may think. Before its to late, consider installing deadlocks by a Noosa Locksmith to upgrade the security of your property.


Are you concerned about only having 1 lock on your shop. You mite be surprised that many of these locks are quite easy get past. By installing additional security locks from a Noosa Locksmith you are safe guarding you premises.


Eventually locks will break or come loose. Our Noosa Locksmith can remove the lock, service and repair it otherwise we can replace it with one of our quality locks.


Would you like to keep control of your office access. By installing a restricted system you can control who is authorized to get spare keys cut. Also it allows you to keep track of every key issued for your business which gives you total piece of mind


Did you buy a new house and never changed the locks. What if the previous tenant had given out copies of your house keys to all his mates. Accordingly we suggest a local Locksmith Noosa to come and change your locks. This will provide you with peace of mind security.


Ever reset your garage door motor? What about all the old remotes that used to work the door. Our locksmith noosa can reset garage door motors and re-program old remotes or supply new remotes.

What our clients say about Noosa locksmith

Unfortunately I miss placed my only key for my early 2000 model toyota camry. I had no idea that these keys had transponders inside the key. Luckily I spoke with Steve and he provided me with so much information about the keys and the immobilizer. He sounded like he knew exactly what he was taking about. Steve attended to my car same day and had no troubles issuing me a new. He even had a battery booster to help me start my car as my battery had gone flat. Excellent service would recommend to anyone who needs car keys.

Frances Thompson

My wife and I just purchased a property and needed to have all the locks changed as I am a FIFO worker and my wife and kids stay home. We both were concerned about previous tenants having a key as the real estate only gave us 1 key for the house. I contacted Steve and he was able to attend our house same day to rekey all the locks. Also, I asked about extra locks and deadlocks and he was really helpful in showing us different types and explaining how they work. Very good job, happy with the service, have already recommended them to friends of ours.

Justin Granger

Recently I took my sons VW transporter for a drive to the beach and stupid me lost his key. Accordingly, I tried a few locksmiths and as soon as I said it was a VW they turned me away. I tried Door 2 Door locksmiths and security and Steve was amazing. He told me straight away that he could help me, which was a relief. Steve came out onsite and had a new key working for the car in no time at all. It was a pleasure to use your company.

Sarah Bradford

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Our customer service record is amazing. We are confident with our products, expertise of our staff and the level of service that we provide. Why choose anyone else?