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Providing all types of car keys. Including Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW, European, Asian, American and Australian Vehicles. Our automotive locksmith sunshine coast can assist you onsite with a fully equipped service van. Besides being local residents, our Sunshine Coast Locksmiths have over 20 years experience with immobilizer technology and car keys.

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Our Locksmith Sunshine Coast Services

Why choose Door 2 Door Locksmith & Security for all your Car Keys Sunshine Coast?

  • EEPROM Advanced soldering and MCU circuit board reading
  • Mercedes EIS/EZS Ignition and ESL Steering lock repairs
  • VW, Audi Specialized Interstate Training Seminars
  • Mercedes and BMW Programming Procedures
  • JAWS Automotive Locksmith Sunshine Coast Workshops
  • IMMOTECH Interstate Immobilizer Seminars
Fully Trained Technicians

Majority of people assume all locksmiths do cars keys, this is not true. Only certain locksmiths do cars keys and even some of these only do basic model cars that require very little skill. This can cause problems. When untrained and unskilled people are not familiar with the technology, serious problems can occur. In some cases, it has erased the whole memory of the cars computer. All our locksmith sunshine coast technicians are fully trained, they have all attended immobilizer specific training seminars. As such, we can offer the customer full confidence in our expertise with car keys sunshine coast

Automotive Locksmith Sunshine Coast


Did you know it could cost between $400 – $5,000 if you lose your only car key. Our automotive locksmith sunshine coast can supply, cut and program original or aftermarket car keys. Especially, any new vehicles which have an electronic security chip embedded in the key. In brief, we are the leading locksmith for car keys sunshine coast.


We can make a new working set of keys for your car. In this case, we come to you and provide a new car key onsite. As such, this avoids having to get the vehicle towed and saves you money. In short, if you need any help please call an Automotive Locksmith Sunshine Coast specialist.


Firstly, If you notice any signs of your ignition not working smoothly, please get it looked at immediately. However, if you call an automotive locksmith sunshine coast at the first signs of trouble we will be able remove your ignition and repair it. In addition to not getting stuck it will also save you money. By the way, if the ignition does happen to jamb up, we can come and repair it.


Our specialist machines can cut car keys sunshine coast to factory original codes creating a fresh new key. As an example, this means your new car key will have no signs of wear. Most importantly, it will be the same as the original key from when the car was brand new. We also have dedicated diagnostic machines which allows us to communicate with your vehicles on-board ECU. In particular this allow us to program new car keys to the cars computer.

Locksmith Sunshine Coast Services


With keyless entry very popular, we have a range of keyless locks to choose from. Ask one of our locksmith sunshine coast tradesman to advice your best options


Supply and fit deadlocks to all timber and glass doors. Call us to confirm what type of locks would best suit your situation.


Our Sunshine Coast Locksmith will assess the broken lock and will repair if possible otherwise we carry a wide range of locks to suit your budget to replace it with.


You should always rekey your new property because you have no idea who else has a set of keys. Arrange our local locksmith to come and change your locks and provide you with peace of mind security.


Locksmiths Sunshine Coast can supply and program original or aftermarket garage door remotes.


Your business is likely vulnerable to lock bumping break-ins. Retrofit your locks with high security keys and stop the thieves in their tracks. You can also keep track of every key issued for your business which gives you total piece of mind

What our clients say about our Locksmith Sunshine Coast

My situation was I lost all my car keys to my little Toyota Corolla which had the immobilizer inside the key. I rang the Toyota dealership and they said it would cost me $3000 to change all the locks and put in a new immobilizer. I spoke with Steve and was blown away by how knowledgeable he was with all this electronic immobilizer key stuff. He came out onsite opened up my car and created a working immobilizer car key. It works the exact same as the original ones I lost and they didn’t have to replace any locks or put in any new immobilizer system. What a lifesaver! Better than great service, Would highly recommend to anyone looking for car keys sunshine coast. Fantastic!

Maureen Cummings

Steven provided a very high level of service when we used his business for locksmith work at our high rise apartment complex. His professional attitude towards his work and finished product was excellent. I have used Steven on several occasions and he has always been pleasant to deal with. His product knowledge was good and he has a great understanding of what the customer wants and does his best to accommodate their needs.

I believe Steven is hard working, trust worthy and a valuable asset to the security industry.

Ross Whittaker

I just brought a second hand Toyota Rav 4 and needed to get more keys for the car. I only had 1 car key and it was a Valet key which couldn’t be used to programmed in more car keys. Door 2 Door Locksmith and Security explained this in detail and told me that they would have to reset the ECU back to factory setting to be able to program in new Master keys. Steve was excellent to deal with and his knowledge of the car key systems was great. I got them to do the job and it was all done in a few hours. I now have 2 master keys and my existing valet key for my car. Very happy with the service I received and I will have no problems going back in the future for any more car keys. Excellent service, Thank you.

Ian Hodgkinson

Commitment to customer service

Our customer service record is amazing. We are confident with our products, expertise of our staff and the level of service that we provide. Why choose anyone else?