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Get yourself a spare car key before its too late!

From 2001 any passenger car sold in Australia by law had to have an electronic immobilizer security system fitted to the car. This high tech device prevents the thieves from hot-wiring your car. This technology involves 2 main parts 1. An electronic control unit which is installed into the car and 2. A tiny little transponder chip inside the plastic key head of your car key. When the key is plugged into the ignition the chip inside the key talks to the cars engine control unit and if it has the correct data it will allow the car to start. If you only have 1 key for your car at the moment I strongly recommend you go get another key cut asap in-case you lose your only key. If you suddenly lose all your keys for the car it could cost you between $1000-$5000 to get a new set of keys. It is much cheaper to pay only a few hundred dollars for a spare key rather than a few thousand if you were to lose them all. We have a range of aftermarket keys which are more affordable than having to go back to the dealer and paying high prices for original keys. Aftermarket keys have come along away and some now make it nearly impossible to tell weather its an original or aftermarket key.