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Why the Correct Installations of Security Doors and Windows are Vital

The Correct installations of security doors and security windows is the most important factor when purchasing new Noosa security screens. There is no point having expensive new security screens if they are installed using wrong screws, single lock doors, no interlock on sliding doors, or simply just bad installations.

Correct Installation Guidelines:

All sliding security doors must have top and bottom rollers to prevent the door being able to be lifted up and out of the frame, this will also help the door slide beautifully. All sliding security doors must have an interlocking system at the back edge of the door to attach it to the fixed glass door when in the locked position, This prevents it from being pulled away from the glass door at the opposite side of the lock. All sliding and hinged security doors must be installed with a triple locking system and 5 pin double key cylinder to meet the Australian standards. This prevents your door from being pulled out at the top and bottom, and also gives the intruder 3 points of security to get through. Before you place your order always ask the question “how will you install my security screens” because most of the time there is a good reason why someones quote is very cheap. If you need any help or advice please call us, we are Noosa security screen and Noosa security door specialists.