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The Best Security Screens in Noosa

We provide the best range of security doors and security screens in Noosa. Because we live in Noosa region, corrosion is a major factor. Most importantly, products suited for coastal areas are a must. As a result, we only use Prowler Proof products.

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Your Security Screens Noosa

Key Benefits For Choosing Us:

Easy Process

Our Easy Customer Process makes it simple to communicate with us. For instance, you will speak directly with the tradesman over the phone. After this contact, it will be the same tradesman who will come out and measure up. Provide you with the quote, and likewise, the same tradesman will come back and install the product. In other words, for your security screens Noosa, you will only deal with 1 person throughout the whole process.

Best Warranty

Peace of Mind 10 Year full in home warranty that covers all the parts of the door including the locks. Furthermore, it even transfers to new owners if you sell the house. Prowler Proof warranty is Australia’s only replacement warranty. In short, instead of a repair job, you will get a brand new product. Claiming is easy, you don’t have to do a thing, all products have a serial number that we can track. As an example, our competitors warranties involve removing your door to make the repair. By the way it could take them up to 3 weeks to repair, that’s a long time without your door.

Interest Free

Together with Prowler Proof we can offer a finance option that could include a “FREE” interest free payment plan.

Prowler Proof

We choose to only use and recommend the Prowler Proof Range of Products for all our security screens Noosa installations. They are the Market leader in innovation and security products. Compared to other brands, they are the only company continuing to innovate new technology by creating products that suit our changing security needs. Thus, you can be certain if its a Prowler Proof product, it will not let you down.

Exclusive Access

The only Specialized PPDN company in Noosa. This allows us exclusive access to the unique H.I.T hidden screw technology with Heavy duty interlocks and heavy duty receivers. In particular, your benefit is the doors look absolutely amazing with no visible screws. Furthermore, when installed correctly, also provides twice the added strength compared to a standard security door.

Security Screens Noosa

What to look for when choosing Security Screens in Noosa

The first thing to find out is whether or not the security screen is actually a security product. To begin with, it needs to have been tested and have passed the Australian Standards test. For example, only half of the security screens in the market have actually been tested and passed. In addition, the product needs to be installed with a 3 point triple lock and 10 pin key cylinder. Furthermore, living in Noosa, I would always suggest marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh not standard grade 304 stainless steel. Finally, look for a company that offers a great warranty, It shows they trust the quality of the product.

Prowler Proof Security Screens Noosa

Prowler Proof security doors and windows are Australia’s best looking and strongest performing security screens. To begin with, they are the only FULLY WELDED security screens available in Australia. They all come standard with marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh, also every screen is made in a world class factory. Each product is individually custom made and after that, they still get delivered to you in the shortest lead time. In addition, they are backed by a 10 year full replacement warranty. Finally, when you choose Prowler Proof, not only will you get the best looking security screens. Most importantly, you know you’ve made the right choice in ‘creating a safer place’ for your family.

Security Screens Noosa

In this section, I will explain why we use Prowler Proof products for all our security screens Noosa installations. Their product is very unique, it is these differences which makes their products the top choice for our clients.

1. Consistent manufacturing process

All Prowler Proof screens are manufactured in their fully automated, PROBE world class rated factory. Therefore, this means the screens you are installing are produced to the same standard as the screens that undergo testing.

2. No visible joins

Prowler Proof security screens feature welded corners, therefore, not only making them stronger but also better looking. By the way, a weld joins two parts together permanently, a screw or a rivet merely holds two parts together.

3. Highest corrosion resistance

Whenever two different metals interact, there is a risk of oxidization. However, Prowler Proof screens are welded together in a chemical bond that is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation of the two metals. Prowler Proof ForceField are the only ‘complete’ security screens that have passed the 1,000 hour neutral salt spray test. In addition, Prowler Proof ForceField have also passed the 1,000 hour acetic acid salt spray test.

4. Above and beyond the standards

In comparison, Prowler Proof products have undergone more independent testing than any other security screen brand on the market.

5. Australia’s only full replacement warranty

Because of the way they’re constructed, the Prowler Proof warranty is a Full Replacement warranty. Hence, once it is constructed there is no way to pull Prowler Proof products apart.

6. The largest colour selection

Finally, Over 300 colours to choose from, they will have the perfect colour to choose from.

In conclusion, if your looking for the best security screens noosa please contact us. Look at our gallery we have photos from our security doors noosa installations.

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What our clients say about Security Doors Noosa

Thank you, the new screens are perfect and having only one key is amazing. From myself and on behalf of my mother, can we thank you for your professionalism and the high standard of work. I would be happy to recommend you.

Kim Angell

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for our front security door. The door looks excellent and has added value as well as functionality to our house. Thank you for prompt service and excellent pricing.

The little things really make a difference. The fact that all the doors are keyed the same now is an added bonus. Thanks, great product, great price and amazing service. Happy to recommend your business.

Greg Anderson

We are very pleased with the Forcefield screen doors and look forward to having cooler evenings with the airflow that can now come through!

Karen Nicholson

Commitment to customer service

Our customer service record is amazing. We are confident with our products, expertise of our staff and the level of service that we provide. Why choose anyone else?